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We primarily service classic pinball machines, both electro-mechanical and digital-electronic, as well as coin-operated type video games, like Pac-Man, Super Cobra etc.

I do not really want to service classic baseball (AKA: pitch & bat games) anymore really due to non-support of aftermarket made replacement parts for those games.

But MAY still want to service/refurbish Puck Bowlers (AKA: Shuffle Alleys)

Games I do not service at this time:

  • Slot Machines (ANY)
  • Pachinko games (Chinese pinball type games with small steel balls)
  • Crane Games (AKA: Skill Crane games - where you try to win stuffed animal with claw)
  • Skee-Ball (ANY)
  • Touch screen games (ANY)
  • Vending Machines (ANY)
  • Redemption games (Games that reward with tickets)
  • Home model pinball machines (Toy/Does not have a coin door on front of cabinet)

We have proudly been involved in the coin-operated amusement industry since 1975 – over 35 years! This is a FULL-TIME business for us, not a hobby.

As a real business, our sole mission is to get to the root of the problem(s), as well as a proper long-term solution(s) to them!

We offer arcade repair services with a 30-day limited warranty that varies by the type/levels of work we perform.


Home Arcade Repair Services is located in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

In general, our current repair hourly rate is $125.00/hour + parts.

Any machine that has never been serviced by Home Arcade Repair must be dropped off at the Home Arcade repair shop with deposit.
On-site service calls are available within our service area for machines that have been serviced by Home Arcade Repair before.


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