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Coin-Op Game Repair

Pac-Man & Beyond

We specialize in arcade machine repair services including Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man Repairs!

These days we are selective in what other video game makes/models we will “take on” to repair. Mainly, due to the availability of certain components, the cost usually outweighs the value of the game, especially the vintage/classic video games. Electronic components in many classic video games have lived WAY past their useful lifespan and can be labor-intensive to upgrade these old/dated components.

arcade machine repair
arcade machine repair

Advanced Arcade Game Repairs

Flat Screen Retrofits for Classic Video Games

We offer a modern upgrade for your classic arcade cabinet to replace old and heavy 'tube' style CRT monitors with new digital flat screens!

Bring new life to your game, sharper text and images, and longer lasting tech. Each case is different, so you'll just need to get in contact with us to go over the specifics!

Important Notes


SORRY, WE DO NOT REPAIR HOMEMADE PC COMPUTER TYPE “MAME” SYSTEM GAMES: In those cases, we suggest contacting the person you bought it from.

Make The Right Choice!

Decades of professional arcade machine repair experience, at your service! Contact us with what you have, and let's see if we are able to help!