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Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine Repair


Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machines

Electro-Mechanical Pinball Games have Score Reel Type Scoring, have many, many relays and step switches AND NO PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS! These are typically dated from years 1977 & older, though there are some electro-mechanical game titles that were produced up to 1979.

Certain top manufacturers ceased EM production sooner than others, by about mid/late 1979 it was officially over for EM’s pinball machines, as the transition to fully electronic controlled games really took full swing at the factories by that time.

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Electro-Mechanical Era Pinball Machine Manufacturers Include:



Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine
Repair & Tune-Up Services

IN-SHOP Repair Service

Electro-mechanical games that have sat around used for LONG periods of time typically require more intensive in-shop refurbishment work per what is described below.

This type of service does take some time to properly perform, especially multiple-player games. Please contact us to discuss Pinball Machine Repair.

  • Complete cleaning
  • Overhaul of internal mechanicals
  • Playfield shop out service
pinball machine repair

ONSITE Repair Service

We also offer onsite pinball machine playfield shopout services* on your fully-working pinball machine that is just in need of a playfield tune-up!

We bring everything needed/required!

Both Electronic (Games w/Digital Display Type Scoring) & Electro-Mechanical (Games w/Score Reel type Scoring) models!

*Onsite Services provided only in qualifying areas, priority given to past customers.

Make The Right Choice!

We offer professional pinball machine repair service and refurbishment in both EM and electronic scoring formats.